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CVG: Trautonium CV/Gate Controller (90cm)


! Discontinued !




CVG-S: Trautonium CV/Gate Controller (70cm)


! Discontinued !




CVG-D: Dual Trautonium CV/Gate Controller (90cm)


price: 5500,- EUR (incl. VAT)


  Trautonium VT:

Modern representation of the historical Volkstrautonium.
70cm controller with CV/Gate -Out, Sawgooth generator, 2 Formantfilters, Sound Source selector.



without lock: 6600,- EUR (incl. VAT)
with lock: no longer available 


 Modul 19 Zoll/4HE:

Module that represents most of a Mixturtrautonium:
Subharmonic Generator with 2 VCO's, VCA with switchable CV sources, 4 Formantfilter, Schlagwerk (Special LFO/ADSR - Unit), and output amp.


 price: 5500,- EUR (incl. VAT)



 Custom made




price: on request



All devices are build to order by special made parts and are unique, so we can not grant a sale or return. We charge a prepayment of 50% when ordering. Therefore we give an early payment discount of 4% to the list price. When ordering more devices, we are able to give discounts. Please ask for actual delivery times.

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