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Mixturtrautonium Module 19" / 4 HE


Fully functional Mixturtrautonium module with CV/Gate inputs

  • 2 combined VCO's.
    Main VCO and detunable second VCO, allows playing major cords and breaks of the limitation of a subharmonic generator that uses just one vco and is only able to produce minor cords.
  • 4 subharmonics in 3 banks with 100 saveable presets
  • Each subharmonics is setable from 0 (off) to 32
  • separate filters, noise generators and VCA's for each subharmonic
  • Trautonium 'Schlagwerk', a special combined LFO / ADSR unit
  • Output module with VU display, that for mixing the 4 subharmonics into one output

specs, details and download of documents will be available soon

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